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Out of the struggles of life evolved their Identity

“Keep your heart with all diligence; for out it is the issues of life”

The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.  Any man not living a purpose just exists.
I’ll say boldly that anybody that is not glorifying God is not fulfilling purpose. 

This might offend some people but yes it is the truth. No matter what it seems that you are doing, it’s the big truth. 

“Who hath saved us, and called with an holy calling not according to our works, but according to his own purpose, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.” – 2 Timothy 1-9

I’ve discovered that one person’s act of fulfilling purpose; can cause people around him/her to head towards that same direction. 

This is because actions are like seeds. Your actions have a way of influencing people. 

The process of fulfilling purpose is as important as the process of discovering purpose.

 I’ll be doing a case study of two men who I admire their level of determination and impact. These men are Steve Harris and Praise Fowowe.
We’ll be looking at how their struggles in life led to the path of them fulfilling purpose.



  •  Steve Harris is regarded as Nigeria’s Leading Life Strategist. He believes that his life epitomizes possibilities. 

  • He is an unashamed Jesus lover. He’s a management consultant, motivational speaker and certified Life coach.

  • Steve is a two time college dropout (University of Benin, Madonna University). 

Though a college dropout coming up as a success is no new thing, but I know there are so many Nigerians who still limit themselves by believing If they Don’t Go to a University, they can’t become “somebody in life”.
  • Steve had no clue about what he wanted to do with his life till he was 27 ( some of you are probably close or more than 27).

  • Just like most success stories, it was a single decision he made that turned his life around. He began to build his sphere of influence, moved with people that would help him get his direction. 

I’ll say it’s all in the mind. As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.

Today, Steve Harris is a UK certified Life coach, and a management consultant. 

He is the founder of Edgecution, a firm of management consultants and executive coaches.
He is a sought after speaker in many organizations in the country and abroad.

To know more about him, go to

From Steve Harris story, one can see that in the midst of all his struggles, an identity was carved for him. 

He was a person that didn’t know what to do with his life until 27, but now he is the same person helping people fit into what God had designed them to do. 

Don’t forget, he is a believer of Jesus and this is one of the things that make him stand out.

“Impartation is not all about the money you give, but by sowing seeds into people lives that will germinate into fruits for them.”- ologundudu Abraham

Steve's Words To You

It’s not what you don’t have that limits you but it’s what you have but don’t know how to use.


“We are not renewed by attending church or fellowship, but by the word of God.”

    • Praise Fowowe is an international sexuality education strategist/Advisor, family life coach and crisis manager. 

      • His story is such a fascinating one. When majority at the age of six would be concerned about playing games, watching cartoons, reading comics, etc., 

        praise was mostly concerned about sex.
          • At a tender age, praise was doing what most kids his age had no business doing.
          • Praise was first introduced into the world of sex at age four when he was sexually abused by one of his aunts. His father was a pastor. 
          • Praise, in a long run began to enjoy it. It wasn’t long before he found other children who had the same desires like him.
          • Praise gradually got out of control, by age 14; he had become a sex addict. 

          • At age 16, he gained admission into the university. At this point in his life, he wanted to change. He knew he was in a big mess.
          • In the midst of his suffering and uncontrolled sexual life, he heard the gospel of Christ and accepted it.
          • Just like most believers on campus, he joined a fellowship, thinking that would help. 

          • He wanted to share his story with his fellowship members but they appeared to be too spiritual to him. Everyone in the fellowship seems to be perfect.

          • He went on with his sex problems till he heard God tell him to share his 'sextimony' (testimony about his sex life). 
          On a particular fellowship meeting, he shared his story about his struggles with sex. 

          At the end of his story, he felt lighter and from that day marked a new life for praise.
          From that day, by God’s inspiration, it has been his desire to help people overcome their sexual addictions

          You can watch this documentary about him

          By the reason of his experience, he understands how people like him feel.
          When it comes to sexual issues, praise is the most sought after person.

          •  He is a columnist on “This day” dailies.
          •  He has written seven books on sexuality and family issues.
          • He is the founder of Uncommon Man Network. 

          • He also hosts talk shows on Radio stations. Go to to know more about him.


          •   There is a similarity between Steve’s story and praise’s; there was a mark between their old life and new life.

          • That mark was when they desired change and they took practical steps to effect that change.
          •   Instruction can save one from destruction. God said “…” and he did it.
          •    Sex addict turns sexuality education strategist.
          •   I personally think that his struggles were just a preparation for his assignment.
          Praise's Words To You
          The moment you renew your mind, your sex life will change. Your sex life can’t be better than your sex mind.

          You too can be a success, you can overcome. You can be victorious with Jesus.
          Over To you
          Are you struggling with anything? Did you learn anything from this post? How did you overcome your own challenges? Share with us.

          Best Regards
          Ologundudu Abraham 

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          Melbin said...

          "Don’t forget, he is a believer of Jesus and this is one of the things that make him stand out."

          Jesus is the only way!

          Adesanmi Adedotun said...

          Hi Abraham,

          Life without a purpose is not worth living, fulfilling our purpose in life is subjected to the will of God, the Bible says; before you were yet unborn I knew you even right from your mother's womb.

          Ologundudu Opeoluwa Abraham said...

          Hi melbin

          He is

          Ologundudu Opeoluwa Abraham said...

          Hi Ade

          thanks for dropping by. I hope you are living a life of purpose. :)