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5 Signs Your Work Life is Overwhelming You

5 Signs Your Work Life is Overwhelming You

In this day and age, reaching a work-life balance poses a great challenge. On this slippery slope, it’s easy to lose your footing and succumb to pressure. We have all experienced it: long hours in the office, a pushy boss getting on your nerves, a bunch of chores waiting at home, and social life taking a backseat. Paycheck at the end of the month hardly justifies the whole ordeal you must go through. Well, stress cannot be avoided altogether, but you can mitigate its impact on your mental and psychical health. Recognize the red flags: Don’t wait for problems to accumulate and leave you on the verge of bursting out.

Waning optimism, increased irritation

When you are enthusiastic about work, you approach every workday with a smile on your face.  But, as you approach a burnout, optimism pales and bad days are no longer few and far in between. At first, you lose interest in goings-on around the office and feel like you need your own time. You start to notice a lack of appreciation for what you do, and small things irritate you. At this point, when one isolated bad day stretches for a whole month, you are close to burnout. To escape the feeling of being trapped, you can take frequent breaks, change your nutrition, and get more sunlight and fresh air.

Performance drops

Our work performance is deeply rooted in our motivation and job satisfaction. When these enter a freefall, we no longer feel capable of giving our best. In fact, we struggle to meet the bare minimum. Employees who feel overwhelmed tend to arrive late, dodge obligations, and come up with various excuses. They also go through daily tasks automatically, without thinking much. So, keep your eyes on these hindrances and behavior changes. Don’t fret if you receive a critique: evaluate whether you are still pulling your weight or not.

Tiredness and fatigue

Do you feel constant fatigue and chronic tiredness? This could not only be due to stress, but also a lack of physical activity. So, it’s high time to get more active: this can work wonders for managing stress, fatigue, and anxiety. You don’t even have to spend hours in the gym to real fitness benefits. If you are not really a loner, go for group fitness classes.  At the very least, embed bursts of activity into your daily routines. Ride a bike to work instead of coping with crowds in public transportation. Cover at least one segment of the route on foot. Take stairs instead of the elevator every time.

Work follows you everywhere

Ideally, we all leave our work-related obligations and worriers behind in the office. Yet, distressing thoughts often creep in when we least need them, when we are trying to sleep, relax, or have a pleasant afternoon. You dream and live your work and your mind never gets a break. This is a clear indication that you have been thrown off balance. This is a big problem because everyone needs some time to recharge their batteries and melt the stress away. But, if your work persists and continues to haunt you everywhere, you are at risk of ruining your health.

Health problems

Speaking of which, you always need to closely monitor your health and well-being. Namely, under constant siege from pressure and stress, our immune system is weakened and left vulnerable to a variety of problems. Here are some of the most common issues that need to be on your radar: frequent colds, high blood pressure insomnia, depression, weight gain, and mood swings. You cannot allow your health to slowly wither away. Consult your doctor when you notice these sings. Explore ways of improving your lifestyle and building healthier daily habits.

In control and balance

It’s of the utmost importance to recognize early warning signs that you are on your way to having a burnout. Do you do just enough to get by, dread another Monday, and hold resentment towards colleagues? Well, you are not far away from your life becoming unbearable. On a brighter note, there are many everyday steps you can take to regain control and composure.  Ignoring and pretending is not the way to go and certainly not sustainable in the long-term. When stress piles up, it can wreak havoc on your body and mind. So, act now and turn the tide before you hear the crash and burn knocking at your door. 


About the Author: Peter is a lifestyle writer located in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a trend forecaster and as a freelance writer for few local newspapers in Brisbane. Beside writing, he loves shopping, cooking exotic meals and travelling around tropical destinations. He’s future plans are in creating his personal lifestyle blog about everyday life-saving tips.

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Saturday, 13 January 2018

GreatGlorious - My Reflections on 2017

My 2017 Story

Here goes my 2017 in a nutshell…

The yearly declaration I imbibed for 2017 was EMPOWERED TO DO GREAT EXPLOITS (EDGE). I embraced and walked with it with an abiding faith— believing I have been edged to the best throughout the year. My first experience, January started with so much hope and assurance. I spent the days with golden hearts; I was taught the word “love” in different dimensions by different people, and I had enough quiet time so the Bible and Christian literature became my daily companions. I learnt a lot in January writing tests and exams on books read. Above all, on the 11th precisely, I got a revelation that changed my life tremendously which shall be ever permanent in my heart. It ended with much hope so I walked majestically into the next month.

February was all about service. It exposed me to men whose characters and lifestyles defined the true meaning of what service is. As I went through each day in February I could say, "Yes, I’m better and, serving anywhere won’t be a problem”. I had the privilege of coming in contact with someone I had long longed to meet (Rev. Mrs. Funke Felix Adejumo), and I came to understand better the need to prepare for my future.  I crossed over to March with so much excitement, looking at how my year was going. In March I dedicated my time to prayers and there were manifestations of my words and decrees. I had the privilege to participate in prayer chains with great men of God. 

I also did some self development this month: on the 23rd, I started an online course with SHE LEADS AFRICA, discovered and read about beautiful souls like Kagiso Madibana (Philanthropist, journalist and author) and Samke Mhlongo Ngwenya (Specialized Banking Consultant). I also had the privilege of being taught by Architect Jumoke Adenowo, who made me realize there is so much in being a woman. I ended March with the mission to explore more!

April started so well. Its first week was spent at Balm of Gilead, Benin City and I had the advantage of loving and understanding the gospel more. I made new friends, amazing individuals; I did a lot of writing (of poems, articles, short stories) and was able to structure most of my ideas into meaningful units and forms.

 I got a name for my brand with the help of quite a number of personalities such my good friend, Sir Abraham Ologundudu. Each time I look back, I smile at the memories April has left on my mind. 

Then I entered into my birth month, May! All I considered was purpose, vision, goals and direction. May was for self-assessment—that is, how far I had come in terms of works done and those still to be done. It revealed bigger and tasking responsibilities, it was a time the needful and needless were defined. I also bagged my NYSC certificate. I ended the month with thanksgiving in my heart. 

GreatGlorious - My Reflections on 2017 Inspiration

June set in on a very high speed, bringing various appointments and birthing some of my most cherished testimonies in the year, one of which was successfully training and leading children to a competition and coming out overall best. I was able to host a relationship programme for youths with Mrs. Selegha Amange as the Guest Speaker. I had an interactive session with a thought leader and public speaker, Samson Egbums, whose words shaped my ideas greatly. Nonetheless, June was also a period of no rest as I resumed official duties fully.

July came highly demanding as usual but not unsurmountable anyway. I successfully hosted a youth programme with the theme, “The Mandate” with 139 youths in attendance. It was my most challenging month in 2017 where my ability and capacity were put to the test. Also, I was conferred with the title of “Her Excellency” by the General Overseer of our Church.  One of the best parts of my July 2017 was being redeployed from the Performing Arts Division to Public Relations Unit as thee Assistant Public Relations Officer at my place of work. In August, I was embattled with health issues, so many ugly medical reports were presented, I spent most days going to and fro the hospital but I thank God for healing. My source of encouragement and motivation during that period of health crisis came from gospel messages by great men like Lt. Col. Moyo Akin, Apt. Joshua Selman, Apt. Wale Feso, Rev. Craig and Pastor Chris Oyakilome. I ended the month with a promotion to a new level.

September stepped in and though I was offered an appointment and upgraded to a senior staff, it turned out to be my most confused month that I just couldn’t find explanation to things. Each day brought puzzles for me to solve but as one edged to be the best, I concluded in a grand style. October was all about administration; it was fun being a boss lady though. I was able to launch a library project for youths and sooner than I expected testimonies were heralding from mouths of youths. November came also with victories, proofs of works done; it opened a new chapter in my career. Hmm, GreatGlorious displayed a high level of maturity here in all her life! I could say I have never acted matured like I did in November 2017. I handled issues I thought were too big for me, I said "NO" to impossibilities and I went for what I wanted without looking back.

The grand finale of the year 2017, December, had its ups and downs but I had reasons to move into 2018 boldly. I restructured ideas and decisions, I had more reasons not to fail and packed my bag ready to achieve more in 2018.

Looking back at these past 12 months, I can say boldly that EDGE was never a bad theme to embrace. I understand that the challenges I passed through each month were not to limit me or bring me down but rather to show me how strong I am; they proved to me that inherent in me, lies virtues, energy, power to conquer and exhibit whatever I want. 

The success story of my 2017 has not only put smiles on my face but has also given me more zeal and faith to see success in everything, including my unknown fears. I realized that if I had stamped blame on others during my rough days in 2017, I would only have ended up disappointing myself. I realized that if I had considered family, friends and the public in certain decisions I took, I would have got regrets as the end results for most of the months.

Dear readers, for everything there’s a reason, January to December don’t just exist for the purpose of calculation but actually exist to bring to us new chances, new possibilities and opportunities to better and drive us to our purpose. Though, it carries the same four weeks and days like Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc, we are a product of what we do each of those days and months. Believe me, the months in every year carry packages which when appreciated bless us in amazing ways. 

GreatGlorious - My Reflections on 2017 Inspiration

Don’t see your January to December as the normal 12 months that make up a year; every day of the year shouldn’t be ordinary to you; tap into each day and month with a positive mentality.  Failing in a particular month shouldn’t stop you from maximizing the rest. I have learnt to be accountable for each day of my life.  My January to December of 2017 was more than the normal 12 calendar month, it moulded me, gave me the opportunity to grow more. I made so many mistakes also but the testimonies in it are uncountable.

Having reflected on my 2017, I have gathered more momentum to dare new heights, build and grow more. I have closed the chapters of everything concerning 2017; I have opened a new chapter, a new book, with my pen ready to write my 2018, ready to create and lay new legacies. So I have decided that stepping up is the only better option; I, GreatGlorious/ladywithgrace (Her Excellency, Mama Edge) is doing nothing less than expanding.

You can do same too!!!

2018 is #StepUp!  #MadeforMore!!  #Yes!!!

About the Author

I am Glorious Wilberforce,from Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.Graduate of English and Literary Studies from Niger Delta University; Assistant Public Relations Officer, Bayelsa State Council for Arts and Culture;a Godclass writer of quotes, articles, poems and short stories. I am a lover of the
gospel of Christ and I'm passionate about youth capacity building and development.

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Friday, 12 January 2018

Liberate Your Mind & Find Your Inner Peace | Peace Itimi

Lead Your Life Series 14 | Liberate Your Mind & Find Your Inner Peace

 “Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” —Dalai Lama

This week's episode of Lead Your Life Series features the story of how Peace, grew up with so much anger and depression, and how it led to discover what she's passionate about. Today, she is a super emerging Techprenuer helping business use digital marketing to grow their businesses.

This is an outstanding episode from our curated stories in 2017. 

Lead Your Life Series, is a special edition of Lead Your Life Podcast. We share real life experiences of how personal struggles and seeming setbacks were turned into phenomenal stories of hope and grace.

About Peace Itimi

Peace Itimi (Managing Partner, Rene Digital Hub)

Peace Itimi studied Medical Biochemistry at the University but is now actively pursuing a career in Digital Marketing after falling in love with it during her time as a Google Student Ambassador. 

She has various certifications from Hubspot and Google in Digital Marketing and is actively involved in the Google Digital Skills Project where she has trained over 2000 people thus far. She is also the Co-founder of Rene Digital Hub and has published three Books.

Peace would be telling us about her personal struggle(s), What were her redefining moments, the most important steps she took differently, what were the aftermaths, and what lessons she would like you to take away from her story.



Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Runtime: 24 Minutes 05 Seconds — 22.30MB)

You can also listen on: iTunes Android | Email | RSS

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What can you make of Peace's story? Is there any part that you can relate with? Please share with us using the comment form below.
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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

How to Become a True Leader in 5 Effective Steps

How to Become a True Leader in 5 Effective Steps

Back in April 2017, United Airlines found itself under enormous scrutiny after an incident in which an elderly passenger was dragged off one of their planes. The entire event was captured on video and shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms millions of times.

Although the employees received a ton of criticism in the aftermath, the root of the problem goes much deeper than United Airlines’ workforce.
These employees were just enforcing the company’s policies without much thinking. As a matter of fact, if the work culture was built on solid values and morals, rather than blind obedience, the employees might have acted differently.

The value of a true leader

If you’re a business leader, the scenario above is probably one of your worst nightmares. And if you want to avoid incidents like these, you first have to know what true leadership is.

You see, a true leader is a pinnacle of what they expect from the people around them. Moreover, a true leader, leads by example and sets the standards.
Basically, if you want to become a leader, you have to behave in the way you want your workers to behave and ensure that they have what they need to do just that.

Becoming a true leader in five easy steps

 Step #1: Start pulling your employees along

Being a leader is not just about telling people how to do a particular job – it’s also about doing it yourself. According to a recent study published in the Harvard Business Review, around 38% of business leaders believe that good leaders cultivate feelings of success and failure as a team. So, if you want your team members to work hard, you need to work just as hard, if not even harder.

Step #2: Get to know your team better

You already know your mission, however, it’s as equally as important to know the people you’re working with. Therefore, you have to learn how to communicate with your team members properly, get to know them and ultimately connect with them on a more personal level. Knowing both their strengths and weaknesses will allow you to utilize their skills appropriately

Step #3: Be the support system your team needs

A true leader supports their team with energy, time and in some cases, actual physical support. So, you need to set up a support system for the success of your team. For example, a recent Rypple revealed that 23% of employees want career development opportunities. True leaders listen to their employees and provide them with the education they need to progress in their careers.

Step #4: Stay open to your team’s ideas

When an employee comes to you with a specific problem, you shouldn’t tell them what to do. Instead, you should try and guide them, so they could come up with the correct solution themselves. In essence, you need to give them the freedom to brainstorm. If you have any problems guiding your employees, maybe hire a business consultant to help you become a better leader that produces practical results.

Step #5: Be their personal trainer

Personal trainers get hired to get more from people than those people may expect from themselves, and a real leader should do the same. This means you shouldn’t hire or fire employees based on their previous experience, because things just change too fast. You should try coaching your team members instead and teach them properly, so they could take on more responsibilities in the future.

Leaders are not born – they are made

When it’s all said and done, you have to keep in mind that no matter what some people tell you, leadership is a skill that can be learned. You need to make a conscious effort to improve your leadership skills that will allow you to properly address the challenges you come across every single day.

What kind of a leader should you be? A firm and strict one? A calm and communicative one?

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what kind of a leader you want and need to be. Nonetheless, the results you’ll see from following the steps above will definitely help you be the leader you want to be and let you shine as a leader workers actually want to follow. 

About the Author: Peter is a lifestyle writer located in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a trend forecaster and as a freelance writer for few local newspapers in Brisbane. Beside writing, he loves shopping, cooking exotic meals and travelling around tropical destinations. He’s future plans are in creating his personal lifestyle blog about everyday life-saving tips.

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Israel Godwin: We are Driven by our Desire and the Meaning

Israel Godwin: We are Driven by our Desire and the Meaning

Ever ran to a chemist to complain of stomach disorder? Or hurriedly call your stock broker because of the news about falling or rising market prices of stock? Or breathing heavily on a mechanic when your vehicle refused to move an inch in a one way street?

The need to be free and live comfortably drives us I guess that’s a significant characteristic of human being. Not only are we driven by our desire to live wholesomely but also we are ruled by the meaning we give to events in our lives.

While an average man sees headache as threats to well being and he is so desperate to escape the state or alleviate himself of the pain, the pharmacy and medical practitioners make money out of that (not as if they pray ailment on people but in the clear sense how will they feed themselves).

Being in the police net for two hours almost turned my friend to a lunatic, he was infuriated that he hated himself and the experience always bring out the worst in him where as the police department saw this as “being your friend” uh.

It is obvious that the meanings we give to things that happens in our lives are of utmost important and we are so fixated on its implications that we dare not look beyond what we think but it has been proved considerably times without numbers that an attempt to live out our thoughts and acquire new ones may carry us all the way beyond expectations.

For instance, while some see it impossible to run a mile in a minute, Roger Barnister sees it as an opportunity to show the world his master piece, he beat the odds and present a new meaning and reality. Killing of twins may have sounded nice to a designed troupe but Mary Slessor stance against it has gave us another meaning with which we are living today?

What’s the meaning of your life? 

What does a particular event mean to you? 

What do see? 

Do always see challenges or opportunities? 

The meaning you give to life will determine your destiny.

Live your dreams.

About the Author
Israel Godwin is a speaker and transformational coach, he help people maximize their potentials and profit from their talents. He is the found of The Success Academy, a platform dedicated to raising exceptional achievers. You can reach him here
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Thursday, 21 December 2017

18 Quotes on Leadership and Entrepreneurship from Leverage Conference 2017

Leverage Conference 2017 - True North was a successful one. It was our third edition of this annual conference. We had a great line of speakers who are young African leaders blazing the trail respectively. 

Since October, I have finally been able to collate some amazing quotes from each sessions that will inspire you as a young African to be the change you want to see. Enjoy!

Leverage Conference 2017 Leadership Quotes

Quotes about African Leadership

Quotes about African Leadership

Quotes about African Leadership

Quotes about African Leadership

Quotes about African Leadership

Quotes about African Leadership

Quotes about African Leadership

Quotes about African Leadership

Quotes about African Leadership

Quotes about African Leadership

Leverage Conference 2017 Entreprenuership Quotes

Quotes about African Entrepreneurship

Quotes about African Entrepreneurship

Quotes about African Entrepreneurship

Quotes about African Entrepreneurship

Quotes about African Entrepreneurship

Quotes about African Entrepreneurship

Segun Aderogba - Leverage Conference 2017

Quotes about African Entrepreneurship

Leverage Conference is an annual leadership conference that brings together young leaders from several sectors to share insights and principles of personal leadership that will empower them to be intentional in the maximization of their potential as they are committed to the transformation of the nation.
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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Adeola Olayemi: Social Anxiety Disorder

Adeola Olayemi: Social Anxiety Disorder

“Social anxiety disorder (SAD), also known as social phobias is an anxiety disorder characterized by a significant amount of fear in one or more social situation, causing consideration distress and impaired ability to function in at least some parts of daily life” Wikipedia

Most of these fears are triggered by perception from the mind, criticism, or actual scrutiny from others. Social anxiety disorder often show up itself when giving a speech or interviewing for a new job. It is an occasional shyness alongside the attitude of not wanting to embarrass yourself.

Causes of Social Anxiety

Social phobia is quite common,  a lot of people struggle with fear daily less regarded of what they do,  and how they do it. Some people experience anxiety in most precious all social situations while others anxiety is connected to specific social situations. Majorly in a place they are new at, such as talking to strangers, mingling at parties.

There are few causes of social anxiety based on the sufferer.


Temperament goes a long way in human. Parents who are shy, un-intelligent, and scared of social gathering is bound to have children who would suffer from social anxiety. Studies shows that growing with an overprotective parents has been associated with social anxiety disorder.

Social experience

A previous negative experience triggers SAD. For example, a young man who is a public speaker was given a negative response/reactions after his speech. He is likely not able to return to his public speaking especially when he is yet to overcome fear and anxiety.


It is known in Africa homes that women are not supposed to be seen doing some things, a place where ladies ought to sit around the corner, such child would not be able to outgrow the phobia created by culture.

Examples of social anxiety triggers:

·         Meeting new people

·         Public speaking

·         Taking exams

·         Being asked questions in a meeting

·         Being the center of attention

·         Talking with “important” people on authority figures

·         Meeting a “big” client for the first time

How do you know you have SAD?

You might have felt anxious in public once or twice, that doesn’t mean you have social phobias. Here are signs and symptoms:

Emotional signs

Self consciousness: If you have social phobias, you pay a high self attention after an activity is done. Example; you had a presentation done, and made a mistake about the spelling of a word while writing on a board, a self conscious person would be worried everyone took notice of his/her mistake and then feels negative about the presentation.

Persistence of fear: Each activity the person is involved in, they are afraid of people’s review about it. Thus, interactions with strangers would seem difficult even if it is needed and important.

It is mostly seen in people who avoid public presentation or verbal presentation by all means , they don’t want to be noticed. They are scared of making mistakes while talking. According to Psychologist BF Skimer, phobias are controlled by escape and avoidance behavior.

Physiological aspects

These includes tears, difficulty in breathing, shaking, palpitations, walk disturbance.

Behavioral signs

  • Staying quiet or escaping from the public before a presentation
  • Use of alcohol or drug before social situations
  • Negative thoughts: social anxiety sufferers have negative thoughts, they take note of all their flaws, think other people noticed it. They also remember more negative comments than the good one.

Ways out of SAD

  • Challenge negative thoughts, avoid negative thoughts. Instead say to yourself “my presentation would be mind blowing”, “people would learn from my speech”.
  • Avoid unhealthy thoughts: Stop thinking about what others think about you. The truth, you don’t know what they think of you,  a lot of time you assume you know what other are thinking, which is not true.
  • Taking things personal: you feel people are talking about you because you must gave a public speech.
  • Focus on others: while standing on that podium giving a speech, they are people there who needs to hear what to say, and because your words is at the point of their need. So pay attention to your listener, it makes you feel they are listening to you rather than paying close attention to your voice.
  • Learn to control your breath:  avoid talking fast, so you don’t stammer be in control of your breathe.
  • Face your fear: do not avoid social gathering, they now avoid presentations the more it prevents you from becoming comfortable in social situations. Avoidance might prevent you from scrutiny or negative criticism-which is a short term result, it would create more problem when you can escape in future.
  • Get along with people: meet people, take a social skills class and volunteer to do something you enjoy doing. Work on your communication skills.
  • Adopt an anti-anxiety habit
  • Avoid caffeine or nicotine
  • Get active: do something physical and enjoy doing them. Dance to your favorite music, involve yourself in discussions at work. Avoid taking alcohol before a social situation or better drink in moderation.
  • Quit smoking and drugs
  • Get enough sleep daily.

Further help if self-help fails

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: social skills training is a way to become better at conversation with people.
  • Medication: can be sometimes used to relieve the symptoms of social activities. There are three major types of medications used.
  • Beta blockers: they relieve performance anxiety.
  • Antidepressants: helpful when social anxiety disorder is severe.
  • Benzidiapenosine: they are fast anti-anxiety medications, they are sedative and addictive, so they are advised to be used when other medicine have not worked. 

About the Writer:
Olayemi Adeola is a practising nurse, she loves to write about teenage issues, and health issues. She sees to helping others achieve an health living. She is one of those who believes sleeping is an hobby.
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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

#IVD2017 - The world we desire begins with you and I - Eleso Moyosoreoluwa


The annual International Volunteer Day is here again and every year there is always something to push for in line with building a world we picture and seeing to the realizations of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

International Volunteer Day (IVD) is originally and still known as International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development) marked December 5 every year. It is an international celebration/day which started in 1985 and is observed by the United Nations. It offers an opportunity for volunteer organizations and individual volunteers to make their contributions towards the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (MDGs) at local, national and international levels.

In this changing world characterized by unrest in several countries especially African countries, so many aids are needed, so many hands are called for but in most cases none is received. At every point in time, volunteers are needed in different organizations either to help restore peace to troubled society, provide medical aids, orientate, or even help rebuild such societies as seen with the  RedCrossscouts and many other groups.

Volunteering also has been adopted in different organizations as a form of temporary employment for development of the organization and also skill development for volunteers in chosen fields. In media, technology, banking and finance, aviation, governments and so on, young people are given the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and skills while they render services which sometimes involve monetary returns and in some case does not. The most noticeable end game in the case of such volunteering opportunity is full time employment as it has been noticed over the years.

#IVD2017 - Abraham Ologundudu & Eleso Moyosoreoluwa
You might want to ask, “why should I even volunteer” especially as a Nigerian where the efforts, time and works of volunteers are underrated and not appreciated.

Well, the truth is, volunteering is a selfless service, “Volunteers don’t have the time but they have the heart”, they see to the needs and execution of projects which in most cases would be impossible without such hands. It really is not about what would be received in return it is about the fulfillment that comes with being part of something big. It is also about the desire to get the work done even when there are no monetary returns.

Millions of Nigerian Youths are unemployed today and many have stayed searching for desired jobs without success. However, not many of these unemployed youth are aware of the opportunity that volunteering gives. Personally, I understand the need to get financial benefits for services rendered and also the zeal of wanting a job to call one’s own. I also understand how many organizations or employers treat volunteers without respect and dignity. With these challenges however, the knowledge derived from every volunteering experience remains the goal.

Many top organizations today would choose to offer their in-house volunteers jobs than make open their vacant positions because in the months or years of having them around, they watch them grow and come to understand their unique features and skills. This really is a very good opportunity because “you cannot underestimate the power of volunteering; it has opened doors for so many people”.

This is another opportunity to make the decision and join the train as millions of people around the world continually render their selfless service for the attainment of peace, progress and growth. The world we desire begins with you and I stepping forth as real agents of change. Volunteers act first, take that step today!

You can join the conversation across social media platforms with the hashtag #IVD2017 #VolunteersActFirst.

©  2017

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