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GreatGlorious - My Reflections on 2017

My 2017 Story

Here goes my 2017 in a nutshell…

The yearly declaration I imbibed for 2017 was EMPOWERED TO DO GREAT EXPLOITS (EDGE). I embraced and walked with it with an abiding faith— believing I have been edged to the best throughout the year. My first experience, January started with so much hope and assurance. I spent the days with golden hearts; I was taught the word “love” in different dimensions by different people, and I had enough quiet time so the Bible and Christian literature became my daily companions. I learnt a lot in January writing tests and exams on books read. Above all, on the 11th precisely, I got a revelation that changed my life tremendously which shall be ever permanent in my heart. It ended with much hope so I walked majestically into the next month.

February was all about service. It exposed me to men whose characters and lifestyles defined the true meaning of what service is. As I went through each day in February I could say, "Yes, I’m better and, serving anywhere won’t be a problem”. I had the privilege of coming in contact with someone I had long longed to meet (Rev. Mrs. Funke Felix Adejumo), and I came to understand better the need to prepare for my future.  I crossed over to March with so much excitement, looking at how my year was going. In March I dedicated my time to prayers and there were manifestations of my words and decrees. I had the privilege to participate in prayer chains with great men of God. 

I also did some self development this month: on the 23rd, I started an online course with SHE LEADS AFRICA, discovered and read about beautiful souls like Kagiso Madibana (Philanthropist, journalist and author) and Samke Mhlongo Ngwenya (Specialized Banking Consultant). I also had the privilege of being taught by Architect Jumoke Adenowo, who made me realize there is so much in being a woman. I ended March with the mission to explore more!

April started so well. Its first week was spent at Balm of Gilead, Benin City and I had the advantage of loving and understanding the gospel more. I made new friends, amazing individuals; I did a lot of writing (of poems, articles, short stories) and was able to structure most of my ideas into meaningful units and forms.

 I got a name for my brand with the help of quite a number of personalities such my good friend, Sir Abraham Ologundudu. Each time I look back, I smile at the memories April has left on my mind. 

Then I entered into my birth month, May! All I considered was purpose, vision, goals and direction. May was for self-assessment—that is, how far I had come in terms of works done and those still to be done. It revealed bigger and tasking responsibilities, it was a time the needful and needless were defined. I also bagged my NYSC certificate. I ended the month with thanksgiving in my heart. 

GreatGlorious - My Reflections on 2017 Inspiration

June set in on a very high speed, bringing various appointments and birthing some of my most cherished testimonies in the year, one of which was successfully training and leading children to a competition and coming out overall best. I was able to host a relationship programme for youths with Mrs. Selegha Amange as the Guest Speaker. I had an interactive session with a thought leader and public speaker, Samson Egbums, whose words shaped my ideas greatly. Nonetheless, June was also a period of no rest as I resumed official duties fully.

July came highly demanding as usual but not unsurmountable anyway. I successfully hosted a youth programme with the theme, “The Mandate” with 139 youths in attendance. It was my most challenging month in 2017 where my ability and capacity were put to the test. Also, I was conferred with the title of “Her Excellency” by the General Overseer of our Church.  One of the best parts of my July 2017 was being redeployed from the Performing Arts Division to Public Relations Unit as thee Assistant Public Relations Officer at my place of work. In August, I was embattled with health issues, so many ugly medical reports were presented, I spent most days going to and fro the hospital but I thank God for healing. My source of encouragement and motivation during that period of health crisis came from gospel messages by great men like Lt. Col. Moyo Akin, Apt. Joshua Selman, Apt. Wale Feso, Rev. Craig and Pastor Chris Oyakilome. I ended the month with a promotion to a new level.

September stepped in and though I was offered an appointment and upgraded to a senior staff, it turned out to be my most confused month that I just couldn’t find explanation to things. Each day brought puzzles for me to solve but as one edged to be the best, I concluded in a grand style. October was all about administration; it was fun being a boss lady though. I was able to launch a library project for youths and sooner than I expected testimonies were heralding from mouths of youths. November came also with victories, proofs of works done; it opened a new chapter in my career. Hmm, GreatGlorious displayed a high level of maturity here in all her life! I could say I have never acted matured like I did in November 2017. I handled issues I thought were too big for me, I said "NO" to impossibilities and I went for what I wanted without looking back.

The grand finale of the year 2017, December, had its ups and downs but I had reasons to move into 2018 boldly. I restructured ideas and decisions, I had more reasons not to fail and packed my bag ready to achieve more in 2018.

Looking back at these past 12 months, I can say boldly that EDGE was never a bad theme to embrace. I understand that the challenges I passed through each month were not to limit me or bring me down but rather to show me how strong I am; they proved to me that inherent in me, lies virtues, energy, power to conquer and exhibit whatever I want. 

The success story of my 2017 has not only put smiles on my face but has also given me more zeal and faith to see success in everything, including my unknown fears. I realized that if I had stamped blame on others during my rough days in 2017, I would only have ended up disappointing myself. I realized that if I had considered family, friends and the public in certain decisions I took, I would have got regrets as the end results for most of the months.

Dear readers, for everything there’s a reason, January to December don’t just exist for the purpose of calculation but actually exist to bring to us new chances, new possibilities and opportunities to better and drive us to our purpose. Though, it carries the same four weeks and days like Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc, we are a product of what we do each of those days and months. Believe me, the months in every year carry packages which when appreciated bless us in amazing ways. 

GreatGlorious - My Reflections on 2017 Inspiration

Don’t see your January to December as the normal 12 months that make up a year; every day of the year shouldn’t be ordinary to you; tap into each day and month with a positive mentality.  Failing in a particular month shouldn’t stop you from maximizing the rest. I have learnt to be accountable for each day of my life.  My January to December of 2017 was more than the normal 12 calendar month, it moulded me, gave me the opportunity to grow more. I made so many mistakes also but the testimonies in it are uncountable.

Having reflected on my 2017, I have gathered more momentum to dare new heights, build and grow more. I have closed the chapters of everything concerning 2017; I have opened a new chapter, a new book, with my pen ready to write my 2018, ready to create and lay new legacies. So I have decided that stepping up is the only better option; I, GreatGlorious/ladywithgrace (Her Excellency, Mama Edge) is doing nothing less than expanding.

You can do same too!!!

2018 is #StepUp!  #MadeforMore!!  #Yes!!!

About the Author

I am Glorious Wilberforce,from Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.Graduate of English and Literary Studies from Niger Delta University; Assistant Public Relations Officer, Bayelsa State Council for Arts and Culture;a Godclass writer of quotes, articles, poems and short stories. I am a lover of the
gospel of Christ and I'm passionate about youth capacity building and development.

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