Wednesday 3 January 2018

Israel Godwin: We are Driven by our Desire and the Meaning

Israel Godwin: We are Driven by our Desire and the Meaning

Ever ran to a chemist to complain of stomach disorder? Or hurriedly call your stock broker because of the news about falling or rising market prices of stock? Or breathing heavily on a mechanic when your vehicle refused to move an inch in a one way street?

The need to be free and live comfortably drives us I guess that’s a significant characteristic of human being. Not only are we driven by our desire to live wholesomely but also we are ruled by the meaning we give to events in our lives.

While an average man sees headache as threats to well being and he is so desperate to escape the state or alleviate himself of the pain, the pharmacy and medical practitioners make money out of that (not as if they pray ailment on people but in the clear sense how will they feed themselves).

Being in the police net for two hours almost turned my friend to a lunatic, he was infuriated that he hated himself and the experience always bring out the worst in him where as the police department saw this as “being your friend” uh.

It is obvious that the meanings we give to things that happens in our lives are of utmost important and we are so fixated on its implications that we dare not look beyond what we think but it has been proved considerably times without numbers that an attempt to live out our thoughts and acquire new ones may carry us all the way beyond expectations.

For instance, while some see it impossible to run a mile in a minute, Roger Barnister sees it as an opportunity to show the world his master piece, he beat the odds and present a new meaning and reality. Killing of twins may have sounded nice to a designed troupe but Mary Slessor stance against it has gave us another meaning with which we are living today?

What’s the meaning of your life? 

What does a particular event mean to you? 

What do see? 

Do always see challenges or opportunities? 

The meaning you give to life will determine your destiny.

Live your dreams.

About the Author
Israel Godwin is a speaker and transformational coach, he help people maximize their potentials and profit from their talents. He is the found of The Success Academy, a platform dedicated to raising exceptional achievers. You can reach him here

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