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The Success Factor coaching and training Programme.

Cognition Global Concepts

Are you in search of how to live your dreams and create the future you truly desire? Do you want to earn more income from your business, improve your career, or create stronger and healthier relationships?

Do you need more success, satisfaction and personal fulfilment? Do you find it difficult to move out of your comfort zone? Have you ever wondered what makes some people create multiple levels of success and happiness in every area of their lives?

If you answered yes to some or the entire question above or even desire more than that, The success factor(TSF) coaching and training is what you need NOW!!

About The Success Factor

The Success factor is a program that has been created to help you implement that little, but very important powerful changes that can help transform your life totally.

During this program, you will identify what’s holding you back from reaching where you want to be.
You will be walked through the fundamental principles that will help you achieve immediate breakthrough in all ramification of your life.

The success factor

Who can benefit from this Training Sessions?

-If you are not sure about your direction and purpose.
-Entrepreneur or Business owner
-CEOs, Managers, or supervisors.

Some of the Benefits..

TSF will help you:
-Discover who you truly are
-Take 100% responsibility for your life
-Attract what you want
-Improve you leadership skill
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The Success factor coaching will hold at two places.
  • Centre for Management Development (CMD), Shangisha, Lagos, Nigeria
Date: November 22nd and 23rd, 2013
  • Cambridge Training Institute, Abuja, Nigeria
Date: November 29th and 30th, 2013

The success factor is a group coaching and training tool designed to change your life. The success factor is organized by NKem Mpamah to unveil the fundamental proven success secrets to you.

Who is Nkem Mpamah?

 cognition Global ConceptsHe is the founder and CEO of Cognition Global Concepts. He is the author of The ART OF ACHIEVEMENT AND FULFILMENT

Nkem uses proven intervention tools to educate, empower and support people and Organizations develop focus on their core-values, create the capacity to achieve compelling goals and live their dreams

He is a registered and approved Growth coach for Growth Accelerator, United Kingdom. He is a Chartered accountant, and a certified performance coach.


To be a part of this 2 days coaching sessions, Pay a  fee of #30,000 into any branch of Fidelity Bank PLC.
Account NO: 614 000 1582

Then go ahead to the enrolment page  to confirm your payment and reservation
There are limited Spaces. This is a one-time investment that will change your life and bring in returns forever.


 If you pay on or before November 8th 2013, you’ll get an autographed copy of Nkem’s new book;The ART of Achievement and Fulfilment-­Fundamental Principles to OVERCOME Obstacles and Turn Dreams Into Reality absolutely FREE.

You can get some free resource materials for your business here .


To prove the effectiveness of this Coaching and trainings program, go to the testimonial  to read comments from previous participants who had benefited from this program.
No matter whom you are, The Success Factor is a must for you. It is a proven tool to make that profound shift in your Mind.

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