Thursday, 7 November 2013

Top Skills a Graduate Must Have to Get a Successful Job

Graduate in search of JobUniversity is over. Now you have a piece of paper in your hands that certifies your qualities and academic value. And it’s time you give it a sense by getting a job.

 However, what employers look for at the moment of hiring new personnel are not only academic knowledge and high marks, but also a certain set of human and practical skills that cannot be proved with your degree.

What are these skills? Of course it depends on the specific sector you aim on working. However, if you look for job vacancies in your city you're likely to find the following skills listed in most of them.

Strong work ethic  

There’s no skill your employer will appreciate more than the willingness to work hard and do it smartly. So always make sure to show yourself prompt and eager to do stuff and find the most efficient way to accomplish your duties and tasks. However, never forget to maintain a positive attitude, which is too very important and always appreciated: no one enjoys working around negative, angry, grumpy or stressed people.

Teamwork and Leadership Skills 

Being a good leader and being great working in groups is one of the first things an employer looks for. There isn't a very large number of working sectors that will require you to work independently, since working in (large or small) groups is bound to be more beneficial for a company and a specific project. The capacity of organizing the group, the workload and resolve internal conflicts in the work-group are especially important for an employer because it demonstrates that you're a person that can grow in the business and someone they can count on.

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 One of the most important thing of our times is to be flexible and multitasking, knowing how to do many different things, instead of mastering just one craft.
Also, it’s important to be open and ready to changes and new necessities, even geographically speaking. So be flexible and ready to adapt to your employer’s needs. That’s how you’ll show them how precious and resourceful you are.


 Don’t be shy and don’t doubt about your ability to provide solutions. Never feel inadequate and always demonstrate initiative, whether it’s a matter of new ideas and proposals, or the suggestion of a solution. Indeed, even if what you say might sound stupid to you, people will always appreciate more someone who shows interest and commitment, rather than someone who never gets involved.

Applying for a job as a graduate

Basic ICT and Word Processing Skills 

No company is likely to employ a young graduate that does not have basic Microsoft Office Works skills. What are considered basic skills?

You must be capable of writing a paper on Microsoft Word, make a basic presentation on Power Point (changing the background, type and size of fonts, colors, introduce an image and a hyperlink), make a data table on Excel and use basic formulas and write an e-mail with Outlook.

Other very requested skills are handling social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.) and having a personal blog is highly appreciated.

There are more essential skills you should work on to get a great very first job once you've graduated from college, so remember to create your own checklist, work on the ones you're still lacking and write them down on your CV and when the interview comes up show them what you've got!

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Anirudh said...

Hello mate,

Well currently i'm an undergraduate student and do blogging as a part time job. I'm really learning a lot of thing during it.

The tips are really informative and helpful. Thanks for share.

Abraham Ologundudu said...

Hi Anirudh

We are both in the same level now. I'm also an undergraduate. As for now, blogging is just a leisure and i'm also learning a LOT form it. Thanks for dropping by.