Friday 10 November 2017

You are Designed to Break Barriers - Adedayo Olabamiji (Curator, #BreakingBarriers)

You are Designed to Break Barriers - Adedayo Olabamiji (Curator, #BreakingBarriers)

“There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect” — Ronald Reagan 
Everyone loves to listen to a grass to grace story, but not many would want to actually take the grass to grace journey. 

Truly, life is full of difficulties but it seems like not everyone gets an equal share of these challenges. I have read and heard stories of individuals who didn't have the best childhood but rose to become global phenomenons.

From all these experiences, one can conclude that humans are designed to break barriers. There's is absolutely nothing that can hold you back if you will just keep pushing in the right direction. 

This week's episode of Lead Your Life Series features the story of how Adedayo who grew up in a disadvantaged family, rose through those challenges to become a leadership expert. Today, Adedayo through his platforms and leadership positions, is helping people live bigger, bolder and braver lives.

Lead Your Life Series, is a special edition of Lead Your Life Podcast. We share real life experiences of how personal struggles and seeming setbacks were turned into phenomenal stories of hope and grace.

About Adedayo Olabamiji

Adedayo Olabamiji (Curator, #BreakingBarriers)

Adedayo is a Keynote Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Thought Leader,Human Resources, Change and Confidence Expert. He is dedicated to helping people live bigger, bolder and braver lives. He is the curator of #BreakingBarriers a weekly motivational program on Twitter, through which lives of many have been changed.

He is an astute Public and Conference Speaker. Adedayo have 10 years vast experience in Leadership Skills and Human Development. He has grasp insights in Project Management Certified from Institute of Finance and Strategic Business Management (IFSBM) and a Personal Development Skill from Prestigious Lagos Business School (Improving
Personal  Effectiveness).

Adedayo is a Youth Leader at The Redeemed Christian stain Church of God (RCCG) where he serves as an Ambassador at the Provincial Level (Lagos Prov. 36) and YALI member with 5 certifications ranging from Strategies For Personal Growth and Development, Workforce
Collaboration and Development et al  He is Author of 360 Gems of Wisdom. He is passionate to make a difference in this generation and help others to live a fulfilled life.

Dayo would be telling us about his struggle(s) while growing up, his defining moments, what were the aftermaths, and what lessons he would like you to take away from his story.




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