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Hello Distinguished Friend! Welcome to my engagement page.

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I am delighted and honoured to have you here.

The purpose of this page is for you to promote yourself and your business/blog.

I created this page to specially welcome you. Feel free to use up as much space as you like!

I love to meet new people and network. I believe it would be a privilege to learn something new from you.

You should know that whatever you write here would be seen by my other readers. It's a good way for us all to network. 

Anyone who gets attracted to your comment can roll over to your blog and share the love as well. 

You are not just introducing yourself  and sharing what you do, but also you get the chance to meet new people and possibly make some great connections.

These are what I would love you to do:
  • Tell me about yourself. 
  • What do you do? 
  • What is your passion? 
  • Your blog URL and description (If applicable).

Please do me a favour. Stay around and check out some of my posts. Drop a comment and I promise to return the favour. 

Once your comment is approved, come back and share to your social accounts.

Some other persons will not only be interested in promoting themselves, but they will be able to read all about you as well.

So let it begin! Leave me a comment on this page and let’s get to know each other. I am glad you are reading now! Thank you so much and see you soon!

Please, remember it's the introduction page. Be detailed as possible. So, look forward to learning all about you.


Unknown said...

Yeap bro,john is my name hailed from ayedun kwara state,a christian. What I do,I work in a motoring company(cfao),I have passion 4 writing articles,football and above all christ

Abraham Ologundudu said...

Hello John Thomas!

It's great to have you here. That's a bunch of things you do there!

I would love to a see your written works.. Football is great! Though I don't watch much football..

I am also delighted to meet another brother with the same faith. I encourage you to grow in faith till the end.

Welcome to my blog.

Adewale said...

Hi Abraham!

I am Adewale Olaore, a digital marketing expert, a conversion optimisation and marketing automation junkie. I help creative entrepreneurs optimise and maximise business profits using digital media and marketing automation.

Abraham Ologundudu said...

Hello Adewale.

Wow! Welcome To my blog. It's a pleasure meeting you. I see you are a guru at Digital Marketing. I also do digital marketing strategy. We have something in common.

I would mind learning from you Wale. You can connect with me on Twitter Let's talk. @IamOabraham

Cheers. Welcome once again.

Unknown said...

Hello my name is Nimi. I'm currently a medical student that is passionate about all things hair. I also attended Leverage 1.0 last year. It was awesome. Great job!

Abraham Ologundudu said...

Hello Nimi!

Welcome to Seasoned Life. You must be a geek as a medical student. I can see why you named yourself "Natural Nimi."

Wow! I am glad you were at Leverage maiden edition. I am honoured. Thanks for Introducing yourself. Look forward to seeing you soon.

joseshizkiah said...

Hey, Abraham,

Yusuff Busayo here.

I am a freelance blogger and a professional writer.

Once a confused, witless, and dead-broke writer, I honed my writing skills and now help beginners to trim fluffs off their content creation skills.

I am passionate about using my content creation skill to create great content, affect lives and build businesses that employ others.

I blog at

So great to be a part of your blog. Hope to read more of your awesome content.

Stay awesome.

- Yusuff Busayo

Abraham Ologundudu said...

Hello Busayo!

Yeah! It's nice to see you on Seasoned Life Journal!
I can relate with your story. We all have a beginning.
The good thing is that you are finally pulling things better.

I Just checked out your blog and I am impressed by the quality of your writings.

I have Added your blog to my feed list. Thank you for the introduction!


Iveoma said...

Hello Abraham,

I did not forget LOL.

My name is Iveoma Okparaeke. I am the attorney and blogger/content creator behind Ivy Interviews Africa. My blog is a platform that promotes African business owners, tells their story their way.

I am passionate about highlighting African business owners and expanding their reach world wide.

Thank you for this page.

Have a great day!



Abraham Ologundudu said...

Hello Iveoma.

Yes. You said you were going to stop by with details. It's really a honour to have you here.

Welcome to Seasoned Life Journal. I have seen your blog and I must say it's a fine one. I have also carried such burden about sharing inspiring stories of the African business owner.

I am glad more people like you are also involved. It's a revolutionary movement that can transform the African continent to greater heights.

I see big stuff coming from your blog. Let me know how I can be of help. I Would gladly participate.


Unknown said...

Hello Abraham,

Yay! @ fine one. Thank you!!! Yes, lets keep in touch and figure out how to collaborate. I luv and believe in collaboration.

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

My Name is Fola George a Student of Lasu. Am an Upcoming Blogger at

samuel said...

thanks for this and God bless you for this opportunity you are doing a great job here am also a blogger like you but am learning from you