Saturday 4 May 2013

Story: Professional negligence

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Gwendolyn, a lively young American had an ambition to be America's first female Astronaut to set her foot on the moon. She was the daughter and only child of a very wealthy couple.

Stanley and Cynthia had difficulties in having babies. It took them 7 years of marriage to be able to give birth to Gwendolyn.

The doctor advised them to  forget about having other babies. The birth of Gwendolyn was through  Cesarean. The couple made up their mind to raise their only daughter to the best of their ability.

Gwendolyn got whatever she desired, she was pampered and adored.She was trained to  behave like a princess; she had her personal car and a driver right from age 10.

She was a very intelligent girl. At a tender age,she could operate the computer very well.She loved sweets and candies.

When she was 11 years old  she had a hole in her tooth. It caused her so much pain and discomfort.

Cynthia promptly rushed her to the dentist. One look at the badly eaten tooth, the dentist recommended an outright extraction.

 He went to work immediately and extracted the infected tooth.

Gwen's zest for life was threatened four years later. She took ill quite seriously. First time in her life.When she was rushed to the hospital. The  doctor carried out many test to determine what was responsible for her ailment.

It was later discovered that she was suffering from a full blown AIDS. Investigations was carried out to know how she contacted the virus.

It was first established that she had no sex with any man. Further investigations revealed that she contracted the virus from the dentist's contaminated instrument.

The dentist did not take extra care to sterilize instruments used on his patients. Gwen's personal conviction to live and her the enormous wealth of her parents could not save her from dying. Stanley and Cynthia watched helplessly while their only child gradually losses the battle to live.

She died at the eve of her sixteenth birthday. This was how a professional negligence of the dentist brought a disaster to a family.

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