Friday 4 August 2017

Chase Your Greatness- Sam Idowu (Founder, Mind & Ideas Network)

Chase Your Greatness- Sam Idowu (Founder, Mind & Ideas Network)

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” —Mary Kay Ash

I have come to discover that self sabotage can show up in different ways in the lives of people. 

There are some who are not confident about life because of their body type, height, colour, etc. There are some who have some sort of disability or even health condition that made them develop a negative perspective to life. 

You may have also seen people who have similar conditions to yours and are enjoying a different reality.

These things may appear subtle, but in the end, it's about your disposition and not your position.

Our guest this week, Sam Idowu, brings in a little twist to the flow of the series.

Today's episode of Lead Your Life Series features the story of how Sam, battled with an issue of frequent painful urination (It might sound funny, but you can never tell what people are really going through). Today, Sam is helping people develop their ideas and talents into achievable goals. 

Lead Your Life Series, is a special edition of Lead Your Life Podcast. We share real life experiences of how personal struggles and seeming setbacks were turned into phenomenal stories of hope and grace.

About Sam Idowu

Sam Idowu, When Minds meet,

I am more like your old friend you’ve been wanting to connect back with to have a great time together sharing things that leads to greatness. 

I am the founder of Mind and Ideas Network, and convener of the classy “When Minds Meet”, a platform created to raise exceptional leaders, where individuals and groups are challenged for greater living. 

I am a certified HR personnel and currently working with a consulting firm in Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria. Through my academic years in Ghana, I was opportune to hold several leadership roles among which were, General Secretary of the Business School Faculty, Foreign Student Representative and Chief Justice for the student representative council in which they all got me the award of the most influential student on graduation. 

I have successfully influenced people in the achievement of goals. 

I am also a media consultant; I Co-founded a media outfit in 2015 named Innovators Media which is majorly for publicity and entertainment. 

I produced my first movie titled, ‘Independence Day’ in 2017. I have acted and been a production manager in several other movies. 

I am believer in Christ and I’m passionate about using the gift of God to its fullest.

Sam would be telling us about his personal struggle(s), What were his redefining moments, the most important steps he took differently, what were the aftermaths, and what lessons he would like you to take away from his story.




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